Allocation of exclusive rights

Allocation of exclusive rights to the environmental company ReMidt ​​IKS on the basis of section 2-3 of the Procurement Regulations.

The municipalities of Aure, Averøy, Frøya, Heim, Hitra, Kristiansund, Melhus, Midtre Gauldal, Oppdal, Orkland, Rennebu, Rindal, Smøla, Skaun, Sunndal, Surnadal and Tingvoll have, by their own decision in the municipal council, awarded the environmental company ReMidt ​​IKS exclusive rights for collection , treatment and sales of all waste that the municipality is required by law to handle, and for the collection and treatment of sludge from sludge separators, sealed tanks and mini-purification plants, etc.

  • Furthermore, ReMidt ​​IKS is granted exclusive rights for the collection and handling of all waste from the municipality's own operations.
  • ReMidt ​​IKS may, for limited tasks within the company's area of ​​responsibility, assign exclusive rights to other public law bodies. This exclusive right must always be limited in time.

The exclusive right is granted on the basis of section 2-3 of the Procurement Regulations.

  • All tasks assigned to ReMidt ​​IKS by exclusive right must be compensated on the basis of the self-cost principle, cf. Section 34 of the Pollution Control Act.

The exclusive right award is based on the fact that the chosen solution gives the best environmental effect through increased material recycling and is the solution that also gives the lowest price compared to alternative solutions that have been investigated. Exclusive law is considered a necessary and appropriate solution to help achieve national targets for increased material recycling and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

The grant of exclusive rights is announced by the municipality and on ReMidt ​​IKS's website.