Sludge Removal

Sludge Removal

Those who are not connected to a municipal sewerage network have some form of sludge separator (also called septic tank) which must be emptied regularly for the sewerage system to function. Our owner municipalities have chosen to leave the responsibility for emptying private septic tanks to ReMidt.

ReMidt ​​has the exclusive right to collect and treat sludge from sludge separators, sealed tanks, mini-purification plants, etc.

  • Ordinary emptying, extra emptying (emergency emptying) and flushing are now managed and invoiced from ReMidt ​​IKS.
  • The fee for sludge will come on the same invoice as the ordinary refuse fee, not from the municipality.
  • If you have a question about sludge, please contact ReMidt ​​IKS.

Please contact the municipality for:
  • change in the emission permit, e.g. when replacing or upgrading the tank / plant
  • apply for exemption from sludge emptying
  • change of emptying frequency, e.g. change from holiday home to permanent residence

The municipality is still a pollution authority and this cannot be delegated. Therefore, they must decide on these questions.

Drainage history & planned emptying

Find out when your tank was last emptied or when the next emptying is scheduled.
If you are dependent on emergency evacuation (within 24 hours), you must call Revaid directly outside Norva24's emergency telephone on tel. 90875111.

You will receive a text message from the contractor well before they arrive. The responsibility of each homeowner is to ensure that the tank is easily accessible for the car. Any additional costs for necessary clearing, etc. to prepare for emptying, are calculated according to the time elapsed in each case.
The contractor has the right to place the necessary equipment on the property to carry out the emptying.
Extra emptying (emptying in addition to the regular 2 or 4 year olds) must be ordered by filling in the form at the bottom of the page or contact ReMidt.

I Middle Gauldal The municipality is the contractor for Ivar Evenås Transport AS that is responsible for sludge emptying. Here you need to contact ReMidt ​​for emptying history and the next emptying.

Contact Info

phone: 72 48 37 00

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is my septic tank still full right after you empty?

A sludge tank is just as full when we finish the job as when we arrived. There is a so-called "local dewatering". That is, we take the solid with us and return the "water" to the tank. Empty tank is completely emptied.

What are the timber routines for wastewater treatment plants?

There are many different types of treatment plants. They have different emptying procedures. Instructions should be available at the facility.

What is a sludge separator?

Those who are not connected to a municipal sewage network have some form of sludge separator (also called septic tank). This must be emptied at regular intervals for the drainage system to function.

Calculation of the amount for sludge emptying is not correct, why is the sum as high as the entire annual fee when the invoice is for the quarter?

Under the heading «Annual leave. per unit »is the unit price per m3. If your tank is 4m3, the unit price is multiplied by 4, then divided by the number of quarters in the sum.
Example: ($ 227,25 * 4m3 = $ 909. $ 909/4 quarter = $ 227,5).
The same goes for the bill for leisure renovation, but the unit price is multiplied by the number of m3 and then divided in two, since we bill leisure time only twice a year.

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