Returkartong Lottery

Returkartong Lottery

If you rinse and fold beverage cartons, you can participate in the return carton lottery and get the chance to win up to 100 kroner! Everyone can participate and win the lottery - private individuals or organizations, schools, kindergartens, sports teams, etc. Prizes are awarded annually for a total of NOK 000 million.

How to participate:

You have two choices. Each cardboard box is now also a ticket.

  1. To participate in the draw to win NOK 10, keep it with one carton. Rinse the carton, squeeze it flat and enter name and phone number on the one you want to win.
  2. To enter the draw to win $ 100, you must flush, fold, and stack at least six drink cartons in a seventh to a cube. Corks and lids can hang outside. Enter name and phone number on the cube. The cubes are also included in the draws of NOK 10.

The cartons and cubes you throw loose in the paper can or container for cardboard and paper.


The logs are pulled in several places, spread all over the country. Depending on the population, between one and seven blocks / individual boxes are drawn, a total of close to 200 each quarter. 

These move on to national draw. There are drawn among both individual cartons and cubes 30 prizes of NOK. 10.000 and from only cubes 1 prize of DKK is deducted. 100.000. We do this 4 times a year.
Next time you may be the lucky winner.

What happens to the cartons you send for recycling?

Even if everyone who sorts beverage cartons at source cannot win the Returnable Cardboard Lottery, at least the environment is a winner. The cartons are recycled and turned into new paper. The paper is used, among other things, in the production of new cartons such as pizza boxes, corn flakes, shoe boxes etc.