ReMidt takes over the recycling station in Averøy municipality

ReMidt takes over the recycling station in Averøy municipality

With effect from 1 May 2021 takes ReMidt IKS over the operation of the recycling station at Kårvåg in Averøy municipality. Until now, the recycling station has been operated by Miljøservice Averøy AS.

One and a half years ago, then the environmental company ReMidt IKS was established, all contracts and current agreements were transferred from the owner municipalities to ReMidt IKS. Among other things, it concerned the operation of a recycling station at Kårvåg in Averøy municipality. Now this contract has expired, and ReMidt IKS has purchased the plot of land, the building stock and associated operating equipment.

The recycling station, formerly referred to as an environmental station, will thus be operated in the same way as most other recycling stations in the 17 owner municipalities of ReMidt IKS; with own employees.

- ReMidt are happy with this. The goal is to ensure the inhabitants of the municipality a good offer with good operation of the recycling station, says Trygve Berdal, general manager of ReMidt IKS.
- We have ambitions to upgrade the facility and increase accessibility. During May, it has been agreed to carry out clean-up and ground investigations, so that we are sure that there is no pollution in the ground.

The recycling station will receive all waste from households, including all cabins and leisure properties. During the opening hours, businesses can also deliver waste to the recycling station, but then for a fee.

The business customers who have had an agreement with the previous owner, Miljøservice Averøy AS, will now be offered to be served by Retura Midt AS. This is a subsidiary of ReMidt, and thus also indirectly owned by, among others, Averøy municipality.