What is ReMidt

What is ReMidt

The environmental company ReMidt ​​IKS is an inter-municipal company with 17 owner municipalities in Trøndelag and Møre og Romsdal. The company provides services to the inhabitants related to household waste and sludge.

From 1 January 2020, the three inter-municipal companies Envina, Nordmøre Inter-municipal Renovation Company and Hamos Forvaltning IKS were merged to form ReMidt ​​IKS. The company's head office is at Orkanger, with a branch office at Melhus and in Kristiansund. A total of 130.000 inhabitants live in the 17 municipalities.

The company, in collaboration with the owner municipalities, will promote conscious attitudes to the use of resources in society by facilitating source sorting, recycling and material recycling of various types of waste.

ReMidt ​​IKS also operates recycling stations in all of the owner municipalities, either under their own control or through the use of contractors.

Good in the short term, crucial in the long term - together on the waste solutions of the future.

For the environment: Future requirements for material recycling require new and efficient waste solutions. Through increased volume we can use new technology that gives the desired environmental benefit.

For the customers: We will make the most of the renovation fee. A large company can operate more efficiently than three smaller ones. Better services and customized offers - all at your own expense.

For employees:
We want to be an attractive employer with safe, local jobs and competent employees. Together we will build a greater competence environment for all our employees and customers.

For owners: With innovative and sustainable solutions, we aim to ensure local value creation with forward-looking jobs. Environmental challenges must be addressed in a circular perspective.

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