New labeling scheme for source sorting

New labeling scheme for source sorting

To make it easier to sort sources correctly, a new, national labeling scheme for waste and packaging has been launched. Photo: Loop

The goal is the same labeling on packaging, on cans at home and at work, and in the public space.
The new waste symbols have been prepared by Loop and Avfall Norge in collaboration with over 50 players from both municipal and private companies. The scheme is based on the Danish pictogram system and the goal is for this to become a common Nordic system that makes it easier to sort sources.

You can already see the new symbols on the packaging of several of the products in the grocery store.
You will eventually also find the same symbols at our recycling stations, cans and other waste equipment.

The national labeling scheme contains labels for all types of waste, both those you sort at home and those you find at the recycling station.
Here you can download and print tags for the most common types of waste (jpg files). Food waste and glass and metal packaging will be introduced at our subscribers' homes as the new scheme is rolled out. Here you can read about the new waste scheme.

Waste symbol for cardboard and paper
Cardboard and paper
Waste symbol for Residual waste
Residual waste
Waste symbol for glass and metal packaging
Glass and metal packaging
Waste symbol for plastic packaging
Plastic packaging
Waste symbol for food waste
Food waste