Prices and subscription

I ReMidt IKS will have the same price for equal service in all municipalities. However, the harmonization of fees will take place through 2020 and 2021. The reason why this takes time is that participating municipalities bring various cost funds into ReMidt, and these must, in accordance with the legislation, benefit the inhabitants of the respective municipalities. Therefore, you must select your municipality in the buttons below, to find the fee that applies to you.

Fee Aure Fee Averøy Fee Kristiansund Fee Melhus Fee Middle Gauldal Fee Oppdal Fee Smøla Fee Sunndal Fee Tingvoll Fee ex HAMOS

Private customers have free delivery of all waste at our recycling stations, but remember that there is a duty to sort.

NB! Unsorted waste more than 250 kg or 2 m3 per Delivery must be paid for by private individuals too.

Commercial Customers

  • Everyone who supplies waste that comes from large and small companies
  • All who deliver waste generated by commercial buildings (barns etc) on farms.
  • Everyone who performs services for private households for a fee and delivers the waste at our recycling stations

Business customers must pay according to the current price list.

Prices for business (recycling stations with weight)
Prices for business (recycling stations without weight)

In the municipalities of Aure, Averøy, Smøla and Sunndal, own prices apply to industrial waste.