Coronavirus information

Coronavirus information

Frequently asked questions and answers about waste management and coronary infection

Updated 13.05.2020 at 13.00

In connection with the ongoing situation with the continued spread of coronavirus, you will find the latest news about ReMidt's services here.

Today's status is as follows:

  • There are sometimes long queues at several of our recycling stations. Help us take infection protection seriously - if you don't mustn't deliver waste, wait for the situation to normalize.
  • The customer center and other offices are closed. This means that if you want to get in touch with us, you must do so via phone, email or our contact form. As a customer, you can experience longer response times than normal.
  • Access restrictions have been introduced at some of the recycling stations. We want fewer cars and customers at the plant at the same time. This is to prevent the spread of infection.
  • Children and dogs should stay in the car if you visit one of our recycling stations. We also recommend that only one person get out of the car inside the facility. Keep away from other people, minimum one meter. This has been introduced as an infection prevention measure.
  • Are you in quarantine? Then you should not deliver waste at our recycling stations. The same applies if you have a cold, have respiratory problems or other infectious symptoms that have not been clarified. Help us keep our staff healthy.
  • Second hand shops and recycling booths are open.



The renovators who collect the waste at your home are part of the front line that makes a formidable effort to keep our community up and running during this crisis. Every day, they will empty thousands of waste cans from those who are healthy, those who are in quarantine, and from those who have fallen ill.

Here's how to make the job of our renovators as simple and safe as possible:

• Disinfect or wash the handle on the can the day before the waste is collected. This is especially important where there is neighbor sharing or communal containers.
• Make sure the bag is firmly attached before throwing it in the can. Rather use one bag too much than one too little now.
• Make sure that the waste is in the container and not on the outside. Do not place waste bags on top of or next to overflowing cans. The lid must be on.
• Sort as much as possible. If you are not sure where to go, check
• Do not throw the cigarette snip, the apple scrap or the drink cup on the street. Take it to the nearest garbage can, or take it home with you.


It is crucial for us to keep our renovators and other operating personnel healthy, to avoid getting into a situation where waste is accumulating.

Our operating operators have been told to keep distance from customers in line with advice from the health authorities. We hope you as a customer with us think the same way and help to not spread infection.