Cabin renovation

Anyone with cabins, holiday homes or other buildings used for such purposes must have an offer of renovation services and must then pay a renovation fee. 

There is no emptying calendar for cabins and holiday homes, as these are not included in the regular route layout. The return points for cabins and holiday homes are emptied every 14 days, every week or as needed, depending on whether it is high or low season, and there are also some local variations.

The scheme for cabin renovation is slightly different in the different municipalities, and in some places also within the individual municipality. ReMidt ​​has three main schemes:

  • MSW
  • residual waste and glass / metal packaging
  • residual waste, glass and metal packaging, cardboard / paper, plastic packaging and textiles / shoes.
Leisure subscription rates


In the map below you will find the cabin points marked H. Select your municipality and find your nearest cabin point.