Change the size of cans

If you want bigger or smaller cans, you can make the change here.

If you want to change cans that will apply to the new waste disposal scheme, we ask you to wait until more information is available about when it is ready for your municipality.

Form for can exchange for all municipalities (except Oppdal and Kristiansund)

We only offer cans for food waste and glass and metal packaging in one size, 140 liters. If you change the size of the residual waste bin, this will lead to a change in the subscription and thus also in the fee. See price list. The size of the paper bin must be the same size as residual waste or one size up. You can not choose smaller cans for paper than cans for residual waste.

Go to "My page" to change cans in Kristiansund and Oppdal

NB! If you change cans after we have started rolling out new cans, it may take a little longer before we can replace your cans.

Options for different subscriptions (sizes stated in liters)ReducedNormallyExtendedExtra large
Residual waste80140 240 370
Paper80/140 140/240240/370370/660
Food waste140140140140
Glass and metal packaging140140140140

NB! Do you collaborate on cans today or if you want to enter into a partnership under a new scheme, you must contact the customer center. Here, everyone who shares must agree on which subscription you should have, therefore this can not be changed without the consent of all parties.
Housing with two housing units who has the same owner, can automatically put out larger cans for residual waste and paper and at the same time get a discount for neighboring sharing. You therefore do not need to contact us about this.