Waste taxi for households (not leisure)

Waste taxi for households (not leisure)

How do I order a waste taxi, what can I deliver and what rules apply to this scheme?

Who can use the waste taxi?

The service is an ordering service for all household subscribers in Aure municipality as an offer in connection with the loss of the Bjørndalen recycling station at Tustna. The scheme applies only to permanent residents, not to cabin / leisure subscribers.

The service will also be continued for former Hamos municipalities. The scheme will eventually be offered to all customers in ReMidt, but we need more time to put in place the logistics around the scheme.
The customer orders himself via a form here on the website. The service is free and it is offered twice per day. year per year dwelling unit / household subscription.

What can you send with the waste taxi?

    • The waste must be sorted and placed at the driveway / courtyard by the evening before collection
    • We can fetch max. 2 m3 per order. This is similar to what goes on a standard car trailer
    • Max weight per unit (item / sack / box) is 25 kg, as only one person should lift it
    • For larger objects, such as sofas, etc., it can be picked up if the customer assists with uploading
    • If the object is possible to roll on a jacking trolley (single object / pallet set on solid ground), greater weight is possible by arrangement
    • The recipient is free to dispose of items for reuse, unless the customer has actively reserved himself
    • We can collect most of your household waste except:
      • Dangerous waste
      • Infectious waste
      • Garden waste
      • Radioactive / explosives
      • Building and demolition waste

When will the waste taxi come?

After you sign up via an order form, you will receive an email from the customer service center with information on the pickup date. It can take up to 14 days from your order to be registered until the waste is collected.

Order waste taxis

Order waste taxis


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